Now they are claiming that winter will not be the same… WTF!!

12 Jan

I was led to this post from Tom Nelson via Climate Depot. The statement is not from Tom Nelson but from a warmista by the name of Bryan Walsh. It is the latest in some of the most outrageous of statements about what is NOT happening because of normal climatic changes. Please note, I am not a climate denier, I am a realist and I use observation rather than relying on the claptrap that spews forth nearly every day from warmistas.

I will use the Australian example because I am most familiar with my own country. We are presently in the middle of summer. This morning the temperature in Canberra was 2C. Such a low temperature in the middle of summer is very unusual. Last year was also quite unusual with the onset of winter beginning towards the end of March instead of by the end of April. If anything and there is a shift then it is a shift in the timing of winter, but I do not believe that is really the case at all. Australia is being affected by the El Nino which has brought with it more rains as well as a much colder interior at this time of year. 

I am going to bet that any further hot days will come towards the end of January and early-mid February, which again will not be unusual. After all many of the record temperatures have been set in mid-January through to mid-February, including the high in January 1959, and ditto for 1939.

Again, using Canberra as the example, and relating to last year, we had record low winter temperatures in 2011. Since it is rare to have snow, and yes it has snowed in Canberra, this is not an issue with regard to the weather patterns. However, Cooma, which is a part of the ski resort in the Snowy Mountains had record snowfalls last year with a bumper and early start to the season. This explains the low temperatures in Canberra last year.

Winter 2011 in Canberra was bone chilling cold. This means that for someone with arthritis the cold penetrated right through to the bones. It was very unpleasant and it did not stop until well into spring – even then with a cold start to summer the situation has not improved all that much.

However, let’s focus on a couple of other countries where there is snow during winter. This will not change at all in the near future. Take for example Lake Louise in Canada. One month can make a very big difference with regard to the conditions experienced. We visited Lake Louise in July 2009 and we experienced temperatures that were close to 100F, yet our friends visited in August 2008 and they experienced snow!!!!!

I should add here that during that 2009 trip it was very hot in Hartford Conneticutt, it was cool in Montreal, Canada, and it was hot in Lake Louise and Banff, as well as Vancouver. Seattle had a record high temperature on the day that we passed through that city, and it was very hot on the train heading from Seattle to Los Angeles. That is what one expects during a summer.

Weather patterns vary quite a lot in a number of regions, and to cite another example, I will use Yosemite National Park and Nevada. This goes back to 1985 when we spent a week in Sacramento and ended up travelling around to various spots including Reno. Whilst in Sacramento in September/October 1985 the weather was quite warm. The day that we went to Reno it was hot, yet the next day the snow had started to fall. Yosemite was very cool and dreary on the day that we had our visit.

What is so ludicrous about the kind of statements that are uttered by warmistas is that they never seem to be in touch with reality. Look what happened in 2009 when the Copenhagen conference took place. There was a record cold temperatures accompanied by lots of snow and blizzards in Copenhagen, across Europe, the USA and especially the U.K. This was repeated the following year as well. This year the U.K had a warmer start to winter, whilst here in Australia we had a cold start to the summer, but it did not take long before the snow began to fall in the northern part of the country.

What this really means that it will be a long time before anyone can confidently predict weather patterns in the future. In fact the weather bureaux around the world have a very hard time predicting the weather conditions from day to day, so how on earth can anyone confidently state that “winter will not be the same”.  It is balderdash!!

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