It’s called an early spring, stupid

16 Dec

I do not have to be a scientist to understand that most warmists are simply clueless. Each time they open their mouths, something really stupid bursts forth. A good example of this would have to be the kind of comment that came because Canberra had a few warm days at the beginning of August. According to a local radio station extremely stupid warmista female, it had to be a sign of global warming. What utter garbage!!

As someone who is more than 50 years old, I have observed many changes in weather patterns since I was growing up in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. One remark that I had made was something along the lines of liking August because it was evidence that spring was on the way. Now how on earth would I come up with a remark like that if it was not for the fact that what I had observed happened to be that once August has arrived there are definite changes in the air, such as warmer days, more sunshine, blossoms starting to form, and new leaf growth on the trees.

Earlier this year we had what I considered to be an extremely early start to winter. By the end of March it was cold. April was quite chilly. Again this was unusual even for Canberra, where in other years we have had cold winds in May, but April was not as cold. This, however, is probably just a part of a normal weather cycle for the region, and there is no reason to be alarmed.

Now it is near the middle of December, in what is supposed to be summer. I have plenty of memories of December days that are a lot hotter than what we are experiencing here in Canberra. I can even remember sitting exams in Melbourne where the weather was not all that comfortable. I certainly cannot remember anything that is this cold…. but…. this is probably a party of a weather cycle pattern.

People need to be aware that a slight change in the micro climate of a region is not the same as something that is going on at some other level. I can cite my own experiences regarding weather, and I can simply turn around and treat with contempt those globull warming alarmists who are using changes in weather patterns as their excuse for raising the alarm about a non-existent problem. Climate changes all of the time. To me that is simply not an issue. It is called WEATHER CYCLES. Sometimes the cycles can be more than 100 years, other times they are a lot shorter, but the fact is that weather comes in cycles.  We know that the world has experienced both drought and floods in the ancient times. The Scripture actually refers to such periods, and often the drought was about 7 years in length. Here in Australia, drought is very much a part of the landscape. It has nothing to do with man-made globull warming, or even about “climate change” as it is preached by the warmistas.

Study after study that are being released at the present time contain very obvious errors to the point that one has to just laugh at the very notion of peer review. One such study relates to birds in Peru, and the conclusion there is “the fear that the birds will fry because they have not moved far enough”!!  (not a direct quote but is the gist of how I understand their conclusions). Yes it is indeed true that birds will die of heat exhaustion, especially if they do not have access to enough fresh water. Been there and done that!!  However, birds in the wild will move on when and if it is appropriate at the time. Birds are resiliant creatures. They do in fact enjoy the heat, but like other animals, when it gets hot they seek out the shade. Birds are really cool that way.

It is amazing that so much money is being wasted on these nonsense studies whaich continue to be based upon data that is totally corrupt and suspect – that is data from the CRU and/or associated with Michael Mann’s hockey stick hoax.

If these researchers want to be taken seriously then they need to jettison this nonsense and start again before drawing any conclusions about the migratory or non-migratory habits of birds in the Andes Mountains of Peru.


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