Dr. William McBride – a scientist who had a cause

28 Nov

Whilst Dr. McBride has no relationship with the “scientists” involved in alleged climate research, I think that there is a lesson to be learned. Dr. McBride was the man who made the breakthrough on Thalidomide as the cause of serious birth defects, because Thalidomide had been prescribed as a morning sickness drug. He was disgraced because he had a cause, this time to prove that another morning sickness drug, Debendox was also responsible for birth defects. The problem was that the results were falsified.

When I first heard that Dr. McBride had made a link between Debendox and birth defects I could not understand how that was possible. The reason that I immediately had doubts about the research results happened to be that I was prescribed Debendox during my 3 pregnancies and none of my sons were affected by a birth defect.

It is essential to note here that I was one of those unfortunate women who goes the whole nine months with nausea, all day and sometimes at night, depending upon activity and circumstances. From the very first pregnancy all it took was a little bit of activity and the next thing – nausea. I was in a situation where even walking brought on the nausea. As a result I was prescribed the Debendox.

As I remember the case, Dr. McBride wanted to help the woman who was suing because her baby had a defect, and they were seeking to find a cause. Unfortunately in his zeal, the lab results of the tests that were undertaken were falsified. If I remember correctly the woman did win her case against the pharmaceutical company. However, it all came undone a few years later. That was when Dr. McBride ended up in disgrace.

There is a reson for bringing up the case of Dr. William McBride. He was trading on his reputation regarding the Thalidomide case. In that case he most certainly did make a breakthrough. Yet, through zeal he disgraced himself.  Now consider the fact that the members of East Anglica CRU including Dr. Phil Jones believe that linking co2 to climate change is a cause.

Did you get that? The “scientists” who are the lead authors for the IPCC and who control the output from the IPCC believe in a cause. As a result of that cause they are prepared to lie to the public, and to governments in order to further their own cause.

This startling truth is one of the things that has been revealed in the second tranche of emails known as Climategate. We call this Climategate 2.0. A person or persons using the name FOIA has recently released another 5000 emails via a Russian server. He left links at various blogs with a message to make sure that the owners of those blogs actually went and fetched the file.  The result has been a new insight into the biggest scam of the 21st century that is costing billions of dollars being wasted on inefficient and untested “green” technology, because of those believers in “the cause”.

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