They even lie about death threats

08 Jun

To put this in perspective, there were two death threats back in about 2006-2007 and one more recent one at a function. End of story. However, the so called climate scientists are so used to their lying and scaremongering that they allowed a report via the media to suggest that there had been a more recent death threat and that the “scientists” at the ANU had to be moved into a more secure building. The whole thing was bullshit.

Andrew Bolt is covering the story of the latest scandal concerning these climate change scaremongers who have the gall to claim that they are subjected to a constant stream of abuse. (what makes them any different from say Sarah Palin who has received constant death threats as well as the most foul language being slung her way?).

I agree with Andrew Bolt, that once again we see that there is an agenda: first they want to shut down our free speech. They want to stop anyone who happens to think that these elitists who claim to be scientists are nothing more than lying sacks of shit, who see this as an opportunity to impose their will upon the people, or to impose Marxism and totalitarianism on the Australian population, in the name of something that is not going to affect us at all.

Australia is currently being threatened with a carbon tax, which is a tax on the air that we breathe out. The whole thing is just totally stupid. We cannot affect the climate, we do not currently affect the climate. Carbon dioxide is a part of the process. It is breathed in by plants and trees and it becomes oxygen.

The problem as I see it, is that the scaremongers moved away from the real culprit and the real problems that were being faced in the form of pollution of the skies, and especially the cause of the haze that covered our cities every morning known as smog. Yes, it is true that smog was a very real problem, but we began to find solutions, one of which was to invent new engines that could take a different form of petrol that eliminated the use of lead. As a result of those changes we have seen a big reduction of smog in our cities.

Instead of sticking to the causes of pollution the IPCC went off on a new tangent and they saw this as a way of forcing the world into accepting their own agenda which leads to income distribution. China and India are not about to give up their coal fired electricity generating plants. China is becoming industrialized and the smog in China is really bad. In other words the major polluters will do nothing, but they will take our jobs.

The IPCC should be abandoned. We need to see an end to these talk fest conferences that achieve nothing. We do not need carbon taxes or carbon trading which is in fact nothing more than a Ponzi scheme.

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Posted by on June 8, 2011 in carbon taxes, climate change, IPCC


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