Here we go again – new report based upon false claims

23 May

The Marxist Prime Minister of Australia Juliar Gillard is trying her damndest to introduce a new tax that will be a total burden upon the community, all in the name of “climate change”.  The report itself is based upon the discredited IPCC report. When I heard one of the members of the Commission that produced this flawed report proclaim that “the IPCC report says”, then I know it is a case of “here we go again”.

To give an example about the bad criteria upon which this new report is based, I refer to the latest article written by Andrew Bolt which you can find here. Andrew looks at the specifics of one part of the report which is related to the alarmist claims being put out about the Great Barrier Reef, and bleaching – except that the bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef, to the extent proclaimed by this particular person, has not happened.

The report include alarmist claims about how the earth is warming, even though our weather patterns are showing the exact opposite. Take for example, the temperatures for the month of May here in Canberra. We have just had the coldest morning temperatures on record. On top of that the Perisher Valley has had an early start to the snow season. Need I say more?

Now the thing is that there seems to be a lot of issues not being addressed in any of these discredited reports, such as the impact upon the atmosphere of volcano ash that is spewing in Finland. I have no doubt that this volcano ash is contributing to the cooling, not warming of the earth’s atmosphere.

I remain sceptical of such alarmism for a variety of reasons, especially when they start to predict increases in bushfires in Victoria caused by “global warming”. It is nothing short of total bullshit. In 1959 Victoria had one of its hottest summers on record. The temperature was a s high as that which we had in 2009 when bushfires broke out in Marysville and other Victorian towns. Of course,nearly every year there are severe bushfires in Victoria that are often started by firebugs. I have lived through many of them, although I was never in the middle of any of them. New South Wales also has areas that are prone to bushfires, such as in the Blue Mountains (there are many other areas prone to bushfires because of the large expanse of bush). Once again many of these fires are traced to firebugs.  I should point out that prior to 1959, the same weather patterns appeared in 1939.  There is a trend, and it has nothing at all to do with the alleged global warming.

Even though I am not a scientist, I base my thoughts upon what is presented to me, and most of the alarmist reports are just that, alarmism, based upon false data. The last IPCC report is now a document that is totally discredited. It contained work that has not been verified. This was due in part to the way in which this IPCC community has been protecting itself, and with lead authors who have been tinkering with data to prove the existence of a trend that does not exist – hockey stick anyone? Then there is the data presented by Hansen, which again is totally discredited.  In fact a lot of the temperature data is discredited because the stations where the data is collected are placed in areas where the temperatures are affected by heat from other sources. In other words, there are a lot of holes in the collection of data.

The discipline of climate science is not exacting. The scientists are coming out with these reports in a way that suggests that they are producing positive reports in order to receive government funding for their research. As such, I believe that we should at least be able to sit back and see how their data collection is being tested, and then how they are producing their computer models. What are they doing to smooth out their lines of data in order to produce a conclusion that temperatures are rising.

Australia should not be introducing a price or tax on carbon because nothing has been verified. What Australia should be doing is to look for ways in which smog is being reduced in the cities. Many of the necessary measures required to reduce smog have been put in place, and yes the air in our cities is cleaner. Next, the government needs to ensure that the waterways are kept clean and pollution free. This should include fines for industry where there are spills.

Man does not influence the climate to the extent being proclaimed. Our weather patterns have not changed over millions of years. They are not going to change now because we introduce a carbon price. It simply will not happen.

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