Climate change scenarios – true or false?

31 Jan

Over the past few months the world has been assailed with a whole range of climate change scenarios, from the ice caps in the Himalayas will disappear by 2035 to the Great Barrier Reef is disappearing, and so on. It has been hard trying to keep up with all these scenarios, especially when the BS meter is ticking away furiously at the same time.

What is becoming increasingly apparent though, is that the scenarios themselves are totally false, especially it seems the Himalayas.  What can one say when this particular scenario was based upon data provided by Greenpeace? Since the beginning of the Climategate scandal and the end of the Copenhagen conference the whole climate change scaremongering has begun to unravel.

Many of the speeches given at Copenhagen were in fact based upon a range of false data. One such scenario was by a man by the name of Ian Fry, who claimed to be from or at least represent Tuvulu. He gave a rather “stirring” and “emotional” appeal for the people of Tuvulu. What people at Copenhagen did not know, is that Mr. Fry probably has never even been to Tuvulu. The man lives in Queanbeyan, just outside of Canberra. He is an activist working for Greenpeace.

Another speech was given by a woman relating to one of the other Pacific Island groups. It was another emotional appeal regarding the island that is supposed to be “disappearing under water”. The only trouble is that this particular woman was also a member of Greenpeace.

Then there was the distortion about the Great Barrier Reef, with the claim that it is disappearing because of water water temperatures…. well, er, um no…. the Great Barrier Reef is in fine shape and it is growing again. What the person did not tell is that the reef suffers when there has been an infestation of the Crown of Thorns starfish, and that this pest will kill off the coral. However, once the pest has been eliminated the coral does in fact grow back. In other words, even in this scenario there are other explanations.

This kind of scaremongering needs to stop. There needs to be an end to the many false scenarios that have been created around the world. The Polar Bears are not dying out. Their numbers have increased. The Arctic ice cap is not about to disappear either. The proponents of that particular scenario do not have the data to back up their claims.

So here we are in 2010 and it has not been a good beginning of a new year for scientists involved in this climate change scare-mongering. As 2010 unfolds, I hope to provide more information about the various scenarios that have been proved to be false, since they have been concocted by being based upon false data.

I do not know if we are going through either a warming period or a cooling period at the moment, but I suspect that we are indeed heading towards a mini ice age once again. What I do know is that every year we have temperature variations and that in summer we have hot weather. Here in Australia the heat is in fact quite normal, and the cooling is unusual. Regardless, when scientists use bogus and cherry-picked statistics to come up with unsubstantiated conclusions then they deserve to be called out and what is more they should be investigated for using research funds in a fraudulent manner.

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